See How This Sharp Guy Intentionally Broke Traffic Law Just to Meet a ‘Hot’ FRSC Female Officer (Photo)

The FRSC female officer and the traffic violator

A very sharp guy has narrated how he intentionally violated Nigerian traffic of answering phone while driving so he can be apprehended by a pretty FRSC female officer.

A Nigerian Twitter user, GodKing Ifeanyi (@Battletide), has taken to the social networking site to reveal how he violated traffic rule so he can be arrested by a hot and beautiful female officer of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

The guy’s bold move was rewarded as he successfully met the lady and even went further to get her phone number. He also boasted that he’ll probably take her out this weekend so he can take a better photo with her.

Below is how he narrated his encounter;

Goodluck to the guy if the lady is still single.

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