Omotola’s 2nd Daughter, Meraiah, Is Getting Saucier By The Day!


Okay, is it right for us to be dubbing the teenager as saucy and hot given her age and not be called pedophiles? Hey! We mean no harm… Our observation is just so keen and we’re only saying what eyes are seeing…

Who knows, she just might be the Nigerian Kylie Jenner, that a bad thing ?! Pfft… Lol… The second daughter of the star actress was spotted serving some hotness over the weekend at a sports store, looking like she’s ready to hit the gym.

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The beauty was born in the year 2000, and it’s funny how 16 years has gone so fast… yeah well… we can see the years in this beauty… Spot those abs?! Take your eyes off her… you pedophile!!!

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