Man Kidnaps Teenager Keeps Her As s*x Slave in Lagos

Man Kidnaps Teenager Keeps Her As s*x Slave in Lagos

Man Kidnaps Teenager Keeps Her As s*x Slave in Lagos - GIST NEWS OTHERS

A 35 -year- old man has been arrested by the police and charged before a court for allegedly abducting a teenage girl and keeping her in captivity as a s*x slave in Lagos State , western Nigeria .

The man, Osita Molokwu, allegedly abducted and kept Ogechi Emmanuel in his house for several days without the knowledge of her parents.

The incident happened at 22, Moriamo Adeshina Street , Abaranje in Ikotun area where he resides.

According the police , Molokwu allegedly intended to have sexual intercourse with Ogechi Emmanuel and detained her in his house against her wish .

P.M NEWS gathered that Ogechi was in Molokwu’s house for several days without her parents knowing her whereabouts.

The girl ’s mother, Christiana Emmanuel, was later informed that Ogechi was in Molokwu’ s house.

And when she went there to take Ogechi home, Molokwu refused.

He reportedly asked Ogechi ’s mother to leave with him and when he was through with her, she would return to her parents’ house .

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Angered by his action , Christiana went to Ikotun Police station and reported that Molokwu abducted Ogechi and engaged her in marathon s*x against her wish.

The police arrested Molokwu who claimed that he wanted to marry her and as such , he did not abduct and detain her as they claimed .

Ogechi told the police that he detained her and engaged her in s*x against her wish.

She did not explain why she did not raise the alarm or escape from his house.

Consequently, Molokwu was charged to court for unlawfully detention for sexual intercourse under the Criminal Code.

When he was brought to Ejigbo Magistrates ’ court to be arraigned , the court did not sit and was returned to the station to be arraigned the following day .

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